Pretty Weekly Planner (Free Printable)

Free Pretty Weekly Planner

Do you ever have trouble remembering what you’re supposed to do when? Here is a pretty weekly planner that should help. I designed it to help me keep track of everything I need to do each week.

Pretty Weekly Planner

When I print it full size, I can fit a LOT of stuff into those little squares, which helps me remember what all needs to be done. (If you want to use this style in a smaller day planner, just print two copies per sheet.)

Please note that this isn’t the chart I use for my weekly homeschool lesson planning. I still prefer the more detailed structure of these printables for that.

Printable Weekly Planners

And I use a different template to keep track of our family’s weekly extra-curricular commitments, too. You’ll find a free template for that weekly schedule here.

Free Printable Weekly Schedule

No, this pretty “Goals for the Week” planning page is actually a generalized version of a calendar I made for keeping up with blog posts and other writing goals. I use the blank space for brainstorming and making notes. But it would work equally well with other kinds of goal tracking and to-do lists.

Want more planning, goal setting, and organizational printables like this pretty weekly planner? You’ll find lots more in my Life Balance Bundle. Just click on the link below for details.

Life Balance Bundle
Free Pretty Weekly Planner

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