Free Printable “Salad Fixings” Word Scramble

Did you know May is National Salad Month? It is! And that makes this a great time to share the newest in my collection of free printable word scramble games: It’s a Salad Fixings Word Scramble!

You’ve heard of word salads. These are salad words. See how long it takes you to decipher the whole list of ingredients. Ingredients like: Cletute, Mootat, Scapen, Shoummor, Chapsin, and Dibeol Gesg.

But be careful. Those capital letters at the first of each word will try their best to throw you off track! If you get stumped, you can find the solutions on the final page of the PDF.

Serve It with a Scrumptious Salad

We have lots of tasty salads to help you celebrate National Salad Month, too. Try one of these family favorites tonight:

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Salad Fixings Word Scramble

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