Autumn Days Word Scramble

Autumn Days Word Scramble

It still doesn’t feel much like fall around here, but we’re ready to celebrate the changing seasons anyway. One fun way to do that is with our new Autumn Days Word Scramble. Print enough copies to challenge your family and friends to see who can decipher these mixed up words the fastest.

Words like…

  1. Mangpic
  2. Rinwee Astro
  3. Rhyrec Epi
  4. Mosse’r
  5. Knippmu

Hint: They all have something to do with fall.

Autumn Days Word Scramble

Don’t let those initial capitals trip you up! I just put those in there to make the game more challenging. And it works, doesn’t it?

More Ways to Celebrate the Season

Want to extend the fun? Download our 50 Fun Fall Activities Bucket List. Or, to get a jumpstart on Thanksgiving celebrations, check out our Ultimate List of Free Thanksgiving Printables.

For another great way to cultivate a thankful heart, pick up a copy of my new devotional journal, Count Your Blessings. It’s packed with promises, prayers, and writing prompts and will help hone that attitude of gratitude, not only during autumn days, but all year long.

Count Your Blessing

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Autumn Days Word Scramble

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    1. Please do not apologize for that, Ann! I am so grateful you told me. Thank you for taking the time to do that, and I hope you won’t hesitate to let me know anytime you find an error.

      Whenever I make those word scrambles, autocorrect has fits with the mixed up versions and tries to help me out by changing the non-words to something more plausible. I guess TEAM made more sense than ZEAM, but I didn’t catch the fact the letters were automatically swapped out when I was typing it in. I’ve overridden that correction now and changed out all the files, so the printable should be good to go.

      I’m glad you caught it early (just one day after I originally posted)! Sometimes I’ll have a typo up for years before anyone notices or bothers to tell me.

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