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He is Risen Pennant Banner for Easter

He is Risen Banner

Easter will soon be upon us, so today I’m sharing a new “He Is Risen Indeed” pennant banner that I recently made for the occasion. I love the cool, pastel colors and the crisp notches along the bottom edges. Don’t you?

He is Risen Banner

The banner can be made in two sizes. The large banner (pictured above) prints two pennants per sheet while the small (pictured below) has four.

He is Risen Banner

For best results, I recommend printing these on white card stock and using a paper trimmer to keep the edges nice and straight.

He is Risen Banner

I leave use a pair of scissors to cut the notch on the bottom of each pennant, and I leave a little strip of the white paper across the top, which I fold down when taping or gluing the pennants in order along a piece of twine or yarn.

Hi Is Risen Pennant Banner

If your mantle is too narrow for either size, you can leave the “Indeed” off the end and just string up the “He is Risen” part of the banner instead.

He is Risen

I love the way it turned out. And… can we just pause a moment to admire the gorgeous fresh floral arrangement? A friend of mine brought that home from a wedding over the weekend and left it on my back porch to surprise me. I’ve so enjoyed the look and smell of those beautiful roses and hydrangeas!

floral arrangement

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