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Birds to Draw, Color, Feed, and Photograph

How to Draw Birds

Since April 8 is “Draw a Bird Day,” I thought a few drawing tutorials might be in order:

How to Draw Song Birds (Free Printable Tutorials)
[click on image to print all 3 tutorials]

You can follow these steps to draw simple line versions of songbirds, parrots, parakeets…

How to sketch parrakeets and parrots (Free Printable Tutorials)
[click on image to print all 3 tutorials]

… or owls and swans. Try your hand at it and make the drawings as detailed as you like.

How to sketch swans and owls (Free Printable Tutorials)
[click on image to print all 3 tutorials]

If drawing your own birds seems too complicated, you might enjoy coloring the birds in our State Bird Coloring Pages:

Free State Bird Coloring Pages - for all 50 states

Isaac FlandersOf course, this spring weather is entirely too beautiful to spend the entire day indoors with pen and paper. You’ll also want to spend at least a little time outside enjoying nature and observing birds in the wild or at the zoo.

However you choose to celebrate “Draw a Bird Day,” we hope you’ll have a wonderful time making memories with your little chicks before they fly the coop! 🙂

Want even more nature crafts? Read the Pretty Pine Cone Crafts post I wrote for this blog or scroll through my Nature Crafts Board on Pinterest.

Also, be sure to check out my devotional journal for nature enthusiasts, All Things Bright and Beautiful. There is so much wonder to be found in God’s creation, if only we can slow down long enough and open our eyes to appreciate that fact! That, in a nutshell, is why I created this journal — to encourage you to observe and explore the world around you and to record your thoughts and impressions, as well as any spiritual insights, into the pages of this book.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Ad

All Things Bright and Beautiful joins a growing collection of my devotional journals. There are now 12 titles in the series to choose from.

Devotional Journals x 12 Lineup

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How to Draw Birds

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