Pinecone Crafts: 17 of the Prettiest Projects Ever

17 Beautiful Pinecone Crafts

When you live in the piney woods of East Texas, like we do, you have a ready supply of pinecones for craft projects, especially this time of year. We have lots and lots of pinecones at our house, but you’ll rarely see any lying in our yard.

That’s because we also have an army of kids and grandkids who collect them every chance they get.

Picking up Pinecones

My husband pays them a bounty for each cone, because he thinks the yard would look cluttered otherwise. He views those big piles of pinecones as trash, but I think of them as free craft supplies.

Pinterest abounds with brilliant & beautiful ideas for creating beautiful pinecone craft projects. Here are 17 of my favorite:

  1. Christmas Ornaments

    Aren’t these little pinecone elves simply adorable? You can find directions for making them on LiaGriffith.com.

    sweet little garden elves

  2. Photo Frames

    These pinecone embellished picture frames from Martha Stewart look great in a wall arrangement. But smaller versions could also serve as tree ornaments — and very sentimental ones, at that.

    pretty natural picture frames

  3. Votive Candle Holders

    I love these charming little tea lights made from pine cones. They’d make a pretty, low centerpiece that wouldn’t obstruct anybody’s view when you’re trying to talk to folks across the table.

    pretty tea light votive holders

  4. Embellished Mason Jars

    If you’re worried about putting live candles directly inside dry cones, try glass instead. I love the rustic look of these mason jar candles. You’ll find directions for making these winter luminaries at Crafts by Amanda.

    winter luminaries

  5. Fire Starters

    These pretty little pinecone fire starters from Something Turquoise would make a lovely party favor or hostess gift, don’t you think? If you add scent to the wax, they’ll smell nice, too.

    scented fire starters

  6. Window Toppers

    How about stringing pinecones and greenery from the casing to dress up your windows? Pinecones make it easy to “deck the halls.”

    Pine Cone Crafts

  7. Chandelier Decor

    There’s no reason windows should have all the fun. These simple pinecone streamers look terrific hanging from a chandelier, too.

    decorating with pine cones

  8. Festive Basket

    Pinecones form the foundation for the warm and welcoming arrangement in this inviting porch setting. Doesn’t that make you want to just pull up a chair and enjoy the view?

    Pine Cone Crafts

  9. Welcome Wreath

    I love the simplicity of this ribbon festooned pinecone wreath hanging on the front door. Smaller versions would look great indoors, hanging in a window or on a wardrobe, as well.

    Pine Cone Crafts

  10. Monogram Initial

    If you’re especially crafty — and if your last name begins with a fairly symmetrical letter — you might try your hand at making a monogram wreath for your door. Isn’t this one pretty?

    monogram wreath

  11. Beautiful Bows

    Who wouldn’t love to find a package like this one tucked beneath the tree? Pinecones can make for some inexpensive but beautiful gift wrapping supplies.

    natural looking gift wrap

  12. Boutonnieres

    Aren’t these pinecone boutonnieres adorable? What a great idea for a winter wedding!

    Pine Cone Crafts

  13. Place Markers

    Entertaining? Print a batch of these mini-pinecones placeholders to use for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas parties. You’ll make everyone at the table feel blessed to be there.

    Pine Cone place holders

  14. Miniature Trees

    With a little glitter and garland, you can turn your pinecones into miniature Christmas trees. The natural color looks great, but I’ve also seen some really cute ones painted green and decorated with tiny pom-pom balls.

    Pine Cone Crafts

  15. Springtime Blossoms

    Don’t put your paint away yet! Here’s a smart idea for enjoying brightly colored zinnias, even when the climate’s too cold to grow them.

    Pine Cone zinnias

  16. Pinecone Mulch

    If you prefer real live zinnias to painted ones, pinecones can help you there, too. Look how pretty these flowerbeds look with their pinecone mulch. Added bonus — you’ll have a ready supply of cones for your crafting needs, all summer long!

    mulching your garden beds naturally

  17. Heavenly Scents

    These scented pinecones will make your whole house smell amazing. You’ll find instructions for making them at Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom.

    scented treats for your house

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