Resurrection Day Word Find

Resurrection Day Word Find

Easter is right around the corner. And I have a few new resources to share this year, beginning with this free printable Resurrection Day Word Find puzzle.

Resurrection Day Word Find

Print enough copies for family and friends, then race to see who can find all the hidden words first. But don’t bother looking for baskets, bunnies, and colored eggs. All these hidden words are related to the TRUE meaning of Easter: Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

Please note: The ANSWER KEY for this puzzle is on page 2 of the printable, so be sure to specify “Page 1 only” when printing multiple copies. And no fair peeking until time is up!

More fresh ideas for celebrating Easter

You’ll find more free, faith-based printables in our Ultimate List of Easter Resources. And for even more help in focusing your heart on the real meaning of this season, check out Because He Lives, my devotional journal for advent. I pull my own copy out every year about this time and complete a dozen or more pages. It’s a good way to stay mindful of what Jesus did for me through His death, burial, and resurrection.

Because He Lives - Devotional Journal for Easter and the Lenten Season

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Resurrection Day Word Find

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