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Easter Conversation Starters (Free Printable)

Free printable discussion prompts

In keeping with our other seasonal discussion prompts, today I’m sharing our free printable Easter Conversation Starters.

Conversation Starters for Easter

Use these questions to cultivate meaningful conversations with your family and friends around your dinner table. Or on long car rides. Or while tucking children into bed. Really, anytime you’d like to talk but don’t know where to begin.

This set of questions revolves around an Easter theme:

  • What’s your favorite Easter tradition?
  • Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. Tell about a person who has been especially patient with you.
  • Have you ever hunted Easter eggs? Where’s the trickiest place you’ve ever found one hidden?
  • How many of Jesus’ twelve disciples can you name?
  • Tell about a friend or family member who exhibits a lot of self-control
  • How would you explain the gospel to someone who has never heard it before?

You get the idea.

I print my conversation starters on colored card stock and cut them apart using a paper trimmer.

Easter Conversation Starters

Easter Conversation Starters

Easter Conversation Starters

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