10 Terrific Treats for Frog Lovers

10 Terrific Treats for Frog Lovers

In addition to reading frog books, singing frog songs, and doing frog activity sheets, I’m planning to make a few frog snacks to celebrate Leap Day today. And for inspiration, I’m perusing these 10 Terrific Treats for Frog Lovers.

These snacks are too good to eat only once every four years! In addition to Leap Day (February 29), they’d also a perfect snack to serve at…

  • frog-themed birthday parties
  • green-cuisine meals on St. Patrick’s Day
  • garden parties
  • nature hikes or campouts
  • science classes at homeschool co-ops

My son Isaac made some frog-themed cookies of his own to serve to his fellow co-op students the day they did their frog dissection in biology lab. Aren’t these cute?

As usual, Pinterest had a wealth of ideas to choose from, like these little grape frogs from Kara’s Party Ideas. They’re simple and sweet.

He used green and white chocolate melts to make the frogs. Once they hardened, he stood them atop sugar cookies adorned with green icing lily pads.

More Froggy Food Treats for Frog Lovers

grape frogs - simple and sweet
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Or these green apple frogs that were featured on Babble:

green apple Treats for Frog Lovers
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Or how about scooping a heaping helping of fruit salad out of this watermelon frog? You can find complete cutting instructions at Glamourita.com

Watermelon frog sculpture - Treats for Frog Lovers
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If your crew cannot eat that much fruit salad in one day, you may want to try this smaller cantaloupe frog, courtesy of Cookpad:

Treats for Frog Lovers - cantaloupe frog
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Continuing with the healthy snack theme, how about these bell pepper frogs? The instructions at Homestead Survival call for grilling them, but I think my kids would prefer eating them raw. We love bell peppers — especially when they’re cold and crisp!

bell pepper frogs
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For more substantial fare, try a frog sandwich, like these from Mark Northeast:

Treats for Frog Lovers - frog sandwiches
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Or this one from Little Food Junction. Doesn’t it look yummy?

frog sandwich
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And for dessert, we have all kinds of choices. You could serve these froggy cookies from CandiQuik

frog cookies
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… or these ice cream frogs from Dryer’s. Eat ’em fast, before they melt!

froggy ice cream
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And if you are really crafty, you can whip up a batch of cute cupcakes. I couldn’t find instructions for these, but if you’ve worked with fondant before, it should be pretty easy to duplicate the design by looking at this picture from Flickr:

frog cupcakes
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So those are my favorite froggie treats. For more fun food ideas, follow me on Pinterest. And, again, we wish you the “hoppiest” of Leap Days!

Want more fun ideas for making your family mealtimes memorable? Check out my book, Sit Down & Eat.

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