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Hello First Grade Sign

Tomorrow’s a big day! It’s our first day back at our homeschool co-op, and two of my grandchildren will be joining us for classes there for the first time ever. To celebrate, I’m sharing a big batch of free printable first day of school signs.

Happy Homeschool Co-Op Sign

I’m sorry to say that taking photos of my own children at the beginning of every school year is something that never occurred to me when our oldest were first starting their lessons. Then again, we’ve always homeschooled — and often kept it going year round — so it would’ve been hard to pick a “first day” anyway.

Hello Home School

Plus, there’s that pesky question of “What grade are you in?” When posed to our children, this simple inquiry generally elicited one of two responses.

Either they would cock their head to one side with mouth agape and a blank expression on their face, as if to answer, “Grade? What’s a grade? I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Hello Home School Sign

Or they’d launch into a detailed explanation of what grade level they’d attained in each and every subject: “Well… I’m second grade in reading and fourth grade in math, but only first grade in spelling. And for history and science, I’m using the same books as my big brother and sister, who are in — Mom? What grade are Jon and Bethany in? Oh, yeah — sixth and seventh grade.”

Does anybody else have that problem? If so, I’ll clue you in on a shortcut for teaching your kids how to answer according to the grade they would be in, by age, if they attended “regular” school: Just tell them to subtract 5 from their age, and that’s it! So…

  • A six-year-old would normally be in first grade. (6-5=1)
  • A nine-year-old would be in fourth (9-5=4).
  • A 12-year-old would be in seventh (12-5=7).
  • A sixteen-year-old would be in eleventh (16-5=11).
  • And so forth and so on

At any rate, since we now have a whole new generation of grandchildren being educated at home, I decided to make a few first day of school signs especially for homeschoolers.

Hello Home School Sign

I enjoyed making the “Hello Home School” and “First Day of Co-Op” signs so much, I went ahead and made first day signs for all the traditional grade levels, as well, beginning with preschool and kindergarten…

First Day of Kindergarten Sign

Goin through first, second, and third…

First Day of 1st Grade Sign

First Day of 2nd Grade Sign

First Day of 3rd Grade Sign

And continuing all the way through the end of high school to the first day of college.

First Day of 12th Grade Sign

First Day of College Sign

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Hello Home School Sign

Hello First Grade Sign

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