What to Do When You’re Bored (Free Printable)

What to Do When Bored

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Do you ever hear your children complaining of boredom? Teach them what to do when they’re bored by pointing them to this simple list of suggestions. Something I call the Bored Board.

I spotted the idea for this Bored Board on Facebook recently. (Read the original post here.) Don’t you think it’s a brilliant acronym?

B = Been creative?
O = Outside play?
R = Read a book?
E = Exercised 20 minutes?
D = Done something helpful?

At our house, unfortunately, a bored board in this format would never last long enough to be of use. We use our dry erase board everyday for spelling lessons and on weekends for household chores.

So I designed this printable to use instead and decided to share it with you, in case boredom ever rears its sorry head at your house.

What to Do When You're Bored

So next time your kids ask what they can do when they’re bored, point them to this printable. Tell them they’re not allowed to complain until they’ve done everything on the list. And if that doesn’t cure them of their boredom? Then refer to this list of boredom busters or consult our age-appropriate chore chart for even more ideas to keep them busy. ?

These simple suggestions are great remedies for children and adults alike. Want more free printables? Subscribe to my email list and get a themed list of free resources delivered weekly to your inbox.

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