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Love your Husband/ Love Yourself: Embracing Gods Purpose for Passion in MarriageLove Your Husband/ Love Yourself explores the premise that a wife’s self-sacrificing love not only benefits her spouse and her children, but greatly benefits herself, as well. And it does so in many more ways than she might imagine!

It took me four years of research and writing to finish writing this book. For four years, the developing text was my constant mental companion. No wonder I’m so overjoyed to have completed that project!

I’d toyed with the idea of writing a book on this topic for over a decade. But it wasn’t until our oldest son got married that I finally buckled down and did it. My goal was for him and his wife to learn from our mistakes.

The first 11 chapters deal entirely with physical intimacy. (Don’t worry. This is a “why-to” book, not a “how-to” book! 🙂 ) Specifically, I examine eleven different ways wives benefit by prioritizing the physical aspect of marriage. It really pays to find time for intimacy!

I read through scores of scientific studies while researching this book. And each one made me marvel all the more at God’s marvelous design for passion in marriage! If more wives understood what they were missing, husbands would hear far fewer excuses at bedtime.

Love Your Husband/ Love Yourself is full of lessons I learned the hard way. If only I’d known back then what I know now! I’m sure I would’ve had a lot fewer headaches — both literally and figuratively!

As one reader put it, “this book is the talk your mother never had the nerve to have with you. [Before marriage], I barely got the message that physical intimacy was part of being a wife…..no one EVER made me feel like it was my PRIVILEGE! Until now. Thank You!”

Love Your Husband 5-Star Reviews

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