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Any Good Devotional Books for Boys?

Hi, Jennifer,

     My husband wants to start a bible study/mentoring time with my oldest son (almost 10 years old), and I was wondering if you know of a book, guide or some other tool that could serve as jumping off point in their time together. It doesn’t have to be very structured, but just serve as a forum to talk about things young men need to share. Off the top of your head, any input or ideas?

Thank you so much and God bless you,

Hi, Sue.

     My older three boys really enjoyed Bob Schultz’s Boyhood and Beyond and Created for Workwhen they were that age. The chapters are 4-5 pages each, with a correlated Bible verse and follow-up questions. Another good one is JC Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men, but it has been several years since I’ve read it, and I don’t remember what age it is geared to. Of course, the book of Proverbs is full of wisdom and warnings for young men. Your guys could read through a chapter a day and discuss how the verses apply to their lives.
It’s great that your husband is setting aside time to spend with your son this way. What a special time of bonding that will be for them! Doug leads our family “Bible time” in the evenings after dinner, but since all the children are together for that, he hasn’t tackled any “boy specific” studies, per se. He’s tried a variety of reading plans and devotional books through the years — everything from The One Year Bible for Children to The Purpose Driven Life, but I really like it best when he just picks a book of the Bible and reads it straight through, a few verses at a time,then discusses what they mean and how it affects us today.


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