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Saxon MathHi, Jennifer.

I have talked to you before about curriculum and was wondering if Saxon Math 5/4 has teacher lesson plans or if it doesn’t (b/c I have been looking on line and can’t find one) is it easy enough to know which lessons to do on any given day? I have used Saxon math K, 1, 2, 3 and they all have a teacher’s edition. Thanks so much:)

– Wendy

Hi, Wendy.

As far as I know, there are no teacher plans for Saxon 54 and up, although there are solution books and test forms which are sold separately. The textbook is very straight-forward, so I’ve always just taught it word-for-word and worked all the examples given in each lesson step-by-step for the kids before assigning them the practice and problem sets. I really prefer that streamlined set-up over all the extraneous books provided in the younger Saxon grades, as there’s not much flipping back and forth between books. We all just read from the same thing.

If you need extra help as your kids get into the higher levels of Saxon in high school, you might also check out the DIVE CDs. Your child can watch a professor work out all the problems before tackling the homework.

Hope that helps!

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