National Bible Bee Summer Study Program

National Bible Bee Summer Study Program

This week, I watched in amazement as five finalists competed in a National Bible Bee from years past. Although this contest takes place annually in November, NBB was broadcasting the final competition again this week as a way of promoting their upcoming Summer Study Program.

From June 5 to August 10, 2023, kids ages 5-18 can take part in this 8-week Bible memory intensive. However, they’ll need to register before the end of May to do so.

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I’ve already signed up eight of my kids and grandkids to participate. It looks like a wonderful way to memorize scripture as a family, challenging and encouraging one another in that endeavor.

NBB Encouragement

If you’ve been reading either of my blogs for long, you know how important Bible memorization is to our family. But I can testify that it takes a lot more willpower, effort, and intentionality for me to memorize new passages as a 58-year-old than it did half a century ago! It’s not impossible, but it requires I use all the Bible memory tips and tricks at my disposal.

So I am all in favor of any program that helps hide God’s Word in children’s hearts while their minds are still young and supple. The National Bible Bee summer study program will do just that.

The study materials include a discovery journal that does so much more than list passages to memorize.

National Bible Bee Summer Study Program Discovery Journal

This inductive study teaches participants to explore the Bible using a variety of study tools and methods, including keywords, cross-references, background, personal application, and original language word studies. Each participant will gain deeper knowledge of the Bible through reading and memorization.

NBB National Competition

At the end of the National Bible Bee Summer Study Program, students who wish to do so may take a qualifying test to take part in the national finals where they’ll compete for $150,000 in prize money!

Remember: Use code FlandersNBB23 when signing up to save 10%.

National Bible Bee Summer Study Program

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    1. Hi, Debbie! Long time no see! We started the study on Monday and are thoroughly enjoying it, too. ❤️

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