5 Things to Make Spring Better

5 Things That Would Make This Spring Better

Do lengthy bucket lists make your head spin? Then take things down a notch and use our 5 Things to Make Spring Better printable.

By creating your own super-short list, you’ll reign in unrealistic expectations while still setting some specific goals for family fun and/or productivity.

Best of all, your list will perfectly suit your own family’s personality. Use it to brainstorm with your spouse and children, then decide on just a handful of suggestions to pursue.

Choose things that are meaningful to your family

When I asked my children what things would make this spring most meaningful to them, I got a variety of answers:

  • My social butterflies suggested setting up an outdoor movie night for friends and neighbors,hosting a board game night with friends, inviting a family from church over for dinner, and attending a barn dance.
  • My history buff wants to watch Gettysburg, read Across Five Aprils, attend a Civil War re-enactment, and sew some authentic Union uniforms for an Antebellum dance.
  • The athletes favor competing in a triathlon, hosting a ping-pong tournament, playing ultimate Frisbee with friends, and hiking into the wilderness for a few days with a 20-pound pack.
  • And I’d like to plant a vegetable garden, paint a mural on the wall behind our house, organize the garage, and do a thorough spring cleaning of every nook and cranny of our house.

So we each picked our top choice and compiled our own “5 Things” list:

5 Things to do in Spring List

Want to make a list yourself? Simply download the following printable to get started:

5 Things That Would Make This Spring Better

And if you have trouble getting started, you can use our 50 Fun Ideas for Spring as a jumping off point. Pick the five that appeal most to you, and make a plan for accomplishing just that small handful.

50 Fun Things for Spring

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5 Things That Would Make This Spring Better

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