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In All Things Give Thanks Coloring Page

In All Things Give Thanks Coloring Page

The house is quiet now. But soon the family will descend upon it and there will be fun and laughter and food and fellowship. Lots to be thankful for. And lots of giving thanks for all these things.

We’ll have 23 around our table(s) this Thanksgiving. That’s lots of mouths to feed, and lots of little ones to keep busy until lunch is ready!

So I’m planning to break out the crayons and let them color in a copy of this:

In Everything Give Thanks

Or if that one is too challenging for the itty-bitties, they can try this simpler version:

In All Things Give Thanks Coloring Page

I hope you’ll enjoy these free printables. Both were adapted from Count Your Blessings, the newest in my line of devotional journals.

Count Your Blessings

We should be mindful of the many ways in which God has blessed us. I designed this journal with that goal in mind. You may use its pages to remember the Lord’s mercies and be grateful for them. To count His blessings and name them one by one. To track His faithfulness to you through the past. And, by doing so, to be encouraged to trust Him with the future.

However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving at your house, we pray it be a very happy one! May God bless you and yours, both today and going forward.

In All Things Give Thanks Coloring Page

Count your blessings! It's Thanksgiving!!

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