50 Ways to Volunteer

50 Ways to Volunteer

In honor of Global Volunteer Month (April), I offer you another of my themed free printable bucket lists. This one details Print – 50 Ways to Volunteer. Each of these ideas is relatively small, but can make a big impact. Especially when people all around the world dedicate themselves to such altruistic acts.

But don’t think you have to travel to the other side of the globe to make a difference. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities much closer to home. Let’s begin there.

Jesus told a parable in which a king commended his servants, saying, “I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink, I was a stranger and you took Me in, 36I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you looked after Me, I was in prison and you visited Me.”

When the servants protested that they had no recollection of doing any of those things, the king replied, “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of Mine, you did it for Me.”

Clearly, then, one of the best ways for believers to serve God is by serving their fellow man. Need inspiration or ideas on where to begin? You’ll find fifty of them on the following list.

Volunteers Needed

50 Small but Impactful Ways to Volunteer

  1. Stock shelves at a food pantry

    This is a fun group activity, so bring some friends along to help.

    50 Ways to Volunteer

  2. Sing hymns at a retirement center

    Bring copies of the songs you sing so the residents can join in, too.

  3. Work in Vacation Bible School

    If your church hosts VBS in the summer, there’s a good chance they need volunteers to run the program.

    volunteer for VBS

  4. Clean up litter at the city park

    A stranger once spotted my kids collecting trash along the roadside and gave them $100 to thank them for taking care of our community!

    50 Ways to Volunteer

  5. Run errands for a shut-in

    Offer to pick up groceries or drop clothes at the cleaners.

  6. Mow the lawn of a single mom

    Send your teen over with a mower once he’s finished cutting grass at your house.

  7. Serve meals at a local soup kitchen

    Lots of folks volunteer to do this at Thanksgiving, so spread out the blessing by asking when your help would be most needed.

  8. Paint houses with Habitat for Humanity

    Our high schoolers have done this as a service project before.

  9. Shovel snow for a sick neighbor

    You may prevent a slip, which might otherwise add injury to illness.

  10. Send a soldier a note of encouragement

    The deployed especially love hearing from folks at home.

  11. Collect canned food for a food drive

    Our postal workers do this once a year, and we all leave our donations in the mailbox for them to pick up while delivering the mail.

    Goya Head and Try to Take My Liberty

  12. Sew lap blankets for cancer patients

    Put your stitching skills to work.

  13. Deliver care packages to the homeless

    Include granola bars, beef jerky, bottled water, gospel tracts, etc.

    food for homeless

  14. Tutor underprivileged students

    Inquire at a local school or foster placement center for referrals.

  15. Knit soft caps for premature babies

    The neonatal ward keeps a supply extra-small caps on hand.

  16. Man water tables for a 5K race

    Such races provide a great opportunity to give cups of cold water to the thirsty.

    Water Station

  17. Donate time at your local library

    Our kids have helped shelve books and lead story time for preschoolers.

  18. Serve as a runner for Meals on Wheels

    Deliver hot meals to those in need.

  19. Play games with nursing home residents

    Our sons spent a few semesters calling weekly bingo games for a center down the street.


  20. Babysit for a harried mother

    Give her a break to run errands without wrestling with car seats.

  21. Attend your precinct convention

    Get involved in grassroots politics and help shape your party’s platform.

  22. Run a book sale to raise funds for the library

    Cull your own book stash or ask neighbors for donations.

  23. Donate diapers to a maternity home

    Baby wipes and other baby supplies are usually welcome, too.

  24. Work as a docent at a local museum

    Pick a subject you’re interested in; museum staff will train you what to say.

  25. Get trained as a wildlife rehabilitator

    Learn how to properly care for orphaned baby animals or injured wildlife and prepare them for release back into the wild.

    Raising Baby Squirrels: a step-by-step guide

  26. Help campaign for an elected official

    Knock on doors for a brand new like-minded candidate or for one seeking re-election.

  27. Sit with hospice patients who have no family

    We have friends who’ve done this for years and view it as a ministry.

  28. Invite international students for a holiday meal

    You’ll learn about other cultures while sharing a piece of your own with students who can’t always fly home over holiday breaks.

  29. Have a garage sale and donate proceeds to charity

    Let shoppers know where the money will be going.

  30. Stuff shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

    You can even host a shoebox stuffing party and invite your friends to participate.

    Shoebox Stuffing Party for Operation Christmas Child: How To

  31. Join a grassroots group

    Such groups will keep you informed on what’s going on in your city, state, and country.

  32. Man phone banks for a charity drive

    They’ll give you a script for making phone calls.

  33. Write a letter to the editor

    Let him/her know what you think about issues affecting your community and why.

  34. Mentor a young person

    Get plugged in through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program or something similar.

  35. Provide respite care for foster parents

    Give them an occasional date night or weekend away.

  36. Take a meal to a new mom

    Check for food allergies and avoid excessively spicy foods if she’s breastfeeding.

  37. Support a child through Compassion

    A small monthly check to Compassion International goes a long way to making a difference in the lives of these children and their families.


  38. Sing with a church or community choir

    This is a great outlet for the musically inclined and blesses the listers to boot.

  39. Candy stripe at the local hospital

    Larger hospitals often have volunteer programs for everyone from teens to senior citizens.

  40. Host missionaries on furlough

    Give them a place to rest up and relax before it’s time to return to the field.

  41. Rake leaves for elderly neighbors

    Be sure to ask whether they want you to mulch the leaves, bag them, or toss them in the compost bin.

  42. Grow vegetables & share the produce

    Vine-ripened produce is so much more delicious than what you can get in the store, so share some of that goodness with the folks around you.

  43. Ring the bell for Salvation Army

    Our family traditionally does this every Christmas.

  44. Play an instrument in a civic orchestra

    Another opportunity to share your gifts and talents for those able to play a musical instrument.

  45. Run for school board or city council

    Help mold the direction your town and its learning institutions take.

  46. Read to a neighbor whose sight is failing

    You can read books aloud for their enjoyment or offer practical help by reading their letters and mail to them.

  47. Pass out gospel tracts with Halloween candy

    We have several styles of free printable trick-or-treat tracts you may choose from.

    Halloween Candy 2019

  48. Teach Sunday school

    Or serve as a helper if you don’t want to shoulder the full responsibility (this is normally a 1-year commitment, unless you just sign up to sub for teachers who are sick or out of town).

  49. Pray for others

    Whatever other volunteer tasks you undertake, you should bathe them all in prayer and ask God to bless the people you’re serving.

  50. Vote

    This is a voluntary act that is so very important, so don’t neglect to let your voice be heard next time the polls open!

    Staffing the Republican Booth at the Fair

Download our 50 Ways to Volunteer Bucket List

However you choose to donate your time and talents, I pray God will richly bless your volunteer efforts! To print a copy of the 50 ideas listed in this post, just click on the link below:

50 Ways to Volunteer

50 Ways to Volunteer

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