By the Numbers Game (Free Printable)

By the Numbers Game

Monday was our last day of co-op for this school year. (Woo hoo! Bring on summer vacation!) And since I didn’t have to prepare a lesson for my Algebra 2 class, I prepared this fun By the Numbers Game for them to play during class time, instead.

By the Numbers Game

I’d originally planned to have my students to take it like a quiz, awarding prizes to whomever finished first. But they opted to treat it like a group project and work out the puzzles together. Either way, they had a ton of fun.

So now I’m sharing the game here, in case you want to try it during your next math class. Or Sunday school meeting. Or family reunion. Hint: You needn’t know algebra to do well on this quiz. Just be able to figure out a phrase like “26 L in the A” stands for “26 letters in the alphabet.”

By the Numbers Game

You have the option of printing this game in color or — if you prefer to save on ink — black and white. The solution set (linked below) works for both versions. But no peeking until you’ve given it your best shot.

By the way, if you like this game, you’ll enjoy my Christmas by the Numbers game, as well. That quiz is formatted the same way as this one, but instead of focusing on math and measures, all the phrases are Christmas-themed!

And if you’re planning on traveling at all this summer, check out my book Pack Up and Leave. It’s a bit of a numbers game, too: How to make the best family memories while spending the least amount of money. Ha!

Pack Up & Leave: Travel Tips for Fun Family Vacations

By the Numbers Game

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