Free Winter-Themed Activity Pages

Winter-Themed Activity Pages for Kids

We don’t have much need for mittens in Texas. My kids consider themselves lucky if we get one good snow a year. More often than not, it’s only a light dusting. Rarely do we get enough snow to build a decent-sized snowman.

Building a Snowman in the Alps

If we want enough snow for sledding or building snow forts or staging snowball fights, we’ve got to leave Tyler to find it. But since we do a lot of our traveling off-season, we get to bundle up warm in multiple layers of sweaters, coats, scarves, and mittens and experience the beauty of walking through a winter-wonderland.

Building a Snowman in the Alps

Which is how we’ve spent the past week and a half, exploring Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

Building a Snowman in the Alps

The best part? About the time we get tired of all the snow and sub-zero temperatures, it’s time to fly home. Back to the warm, snow-starved clime we love so much in the piney woods of East Texas!

Whether you deal with snow all winter long or in small doses like we do, your little ones will love our winter-themed activity pages. Call them inside before their fingers get frostbit and set them to work in front of a roaring fire.

Merry Mitten Activity Pages

This free print-pack has 9 different winter-themed activity pages. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find inside:

Find Two Mittens that Match

Mitten Addition

Winter-Themed Activity Pages - I Spy Mittens

Mitten Sequence Activity Page


More Wonderful Ideas for Celebrating Winter

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Winter-Themed Activity Pages for Young Children

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