Let it Snow! Finding Family Fun on Snow Days

Let it Snow! (Things to do when it snows)

Our family decided to take an Early American history tour this winter, so we’ve spent the better part of January on the East Coast. Our travels put us in northern Virginia when “historic blizzard” Juno hit New England.

Let it Snow! (Things to do when it snows)

We were far enough north that we got a little snow, but not so far that the driving was any more treacherous that usual.

Let it Snow! (and make the most of it once it does!)

But the views have been lovely! It’s been years since we’ve seen that much snow at home.

Let it Snow! (Things to do when it snows)

We get snow so infrequently in Texas, in fact, that we celebrate anytime it shows up. Here are some of our family’s favorite ways to make snow days memorable.

9 Fun Things to Do When It Snows:

  1. Take lots of pictures

    … especially when the snow is new and undisturbed. Tiptoe around from the back, so your footprints won’t show.

  2. Let it Snow! (and make the most of it once it does!)

  3. Go sledding

    Cookie sheets, pieces of cardboard, and skateboards with the wheels removed make good makeshift sleds in a pinch.

  4. Bundle up warm and take a walk

    Go as a family. Hold hands and don’t fall!

  5. Let it Snow! (Things to do when it snows)

  6. Build a snowman

    Better yet, make a whole family of snowmen!

  7. Stage a snowball fight

    Divide into teams: Girls against the boys? Mom and Dad against the kids? But don’t forget the first rule of combat… no throwing snow in other’s faces!

  8. Let it Snow! (Things to do when it snows)

  9. Make snow ice cream

    Gather clean snow in a bowl and top with a mixture of 1 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon vanilla, and 2 cups of milk (plain or chocolate). Yum!

  10. Put blankets in the dryer before going outdoors

    When you come back in, you can wrap up in them and get warm fast. My mother always had a warm, fluffy blanket ready for me whenever I came in from playing in the snow as a young girl. I loved it — and I loved her for thinking ahead!

  11. Let it Snow! (and make the most of it once it does!)

  12. Build a roaring fire in the fireplace

    Relax around it for story time, once you are all exhausted from play.

  13. Tank up on something warm

    Drink plenty of hot cocoa or steaming apple cider to warm yourself from the inside out.

More fun things to do when it snows:

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