Columbus Day Coloring Page (Free Printable)

Columbus Day Coloring Page

Since Columbus Day is just around the corner, I’m sharing a free coloring page in honor of the occasion. It features a well-known rhyme many of us learned back in grade school. “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the oceans blue.”

Columbus Day Coloring Page

This coloring page first appeared in God Bless America, a new devotional journal for liberty lovers I published this summer.

God Bless America Devotional Journal Lineup

Part coloring book, part journal, part keepsake, I created this book in an effort to make sure the guiding principles upon which our nation was founded are never forgotten.

God Bless America

Do you enjoy coloring? Then check back next Sunday. I’ll be publishing another Columbus-themed coloring page then, from the same journal. Or follow this link to download any of the 100+ coloring pages I’ve posted in the past: Free Christian Coloring Pages.

Do you love historical holidays? Then check out the following links for more fresh ideas and free printable resources for other historical milestones:

In the meantime, Happy Columbus Day! Here’s hoping you enjoy your three-day weekend! 🙂

Columbus Day Coloring Page

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