The Power of Habit (& More January Reads)

The Power of Habit and other January Reads

Our family loves books, and we love to share books we like with friends. My husband and I both read about a book a week. But when I attempt to write individual reviews for all those books, I either (1) fall behind, get discouraged and quit (the tack I’ve taken in the past). Or (2) stay on top of it, but have fewer and fewer books on which to report, as all that writing seriously cuts into my reading time!

So this year, I’ve decided to try a compromise. I’ll write one review column a month to tell you about all my most recent reads. As Doug and the kids read different titles. So they’ll have to come up with their own plan for sharing. Unless it’s particularly noteworthy. In which case, I’ll read it myself and report on it the following month.

So, without further ado, here’s the books I finished in January.

The Power of Habit (and other January reads)

  1. Glad Tidings: The First 25 Years of Flanders Family Christmas Letters by Jennifer Flanders

    Gald Tidings - Front CoverEvery December, Doug rereads our old Christmas letters aloud to the family. We love to reminisce in this way, as the funny anecdotes trigger all sorts of fond memories which are in turn relived and discussed at length.

    This annual tradition helps our younger children learn the family history. It also allows them to see their older siblings in a whole new light. After so many readings, they have most of the funny family stories and hard-learned lessons memorized. That’s the power of habit!

    Unfortunately, holiday events caused us to miss story-time more evenings than not last December, so we didn’t finish the book until January.

  2. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and BusinessThe Power of Habit (& More January Reads) by Charles Duhigg

    power-of-habitThe Power of Habit (& More January Reads)This book is as inspirational as it is interesting. The author tackles the science of how habits are formed and offers guidelines for transforming old, bad habits into new, better ones.

    We saw the methods described in action as our 16-year-old son completely revolutionized his approach to schoolwork after reading the book last summer. His living testimony motivated me to read it, too!

    Thoroughly researched and documented, The Power of Habit is packed with fascinating case studies that will keep you reading, eager to learn more. The Wall Street Journal named this one of the best books of the year. Read it, and you’ll understand why.

  3. Man of the Family by Ralph Moody

    Man of the FamilyMan of the Family chronicles how 11-year-old Ralph Moody and his family struggle to survive amid tumultuous changes in their life circumstances.

    It is the second book in the Little Britches saga, an eight book series which Sterling North says “should be read aloud in every family circle in America.”

    We whole-heartedly agree! These are some of the best character building stories we’ve ever encountered. They’re full of hard-earned life lessons, family love and loyalty, and laugh-out-loud humor.

  4. The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander

    Black CauldronWe decided make 2013 a year of revisiting old favorites, so while Jennifer’s re-reading the Little Britches books in the afternoons, Doug’s been regaling us with The Chronicles of Prydain again in the evenings.

    This book, the second in the series, follows Taran and his companions as they sally forth to destroy the Black Cauldron and defeat an evil menace of deathless warriors the cauldron has been used to create. Our kids love these tales every bit as much as their parents do.

  5. What books have you been reading this month? Please share in the comment section below! We enjoy finding new favorites as much as we enjoy rereading old ones!

    DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. When you buy books from Amazon via these links, our family receives a very small percentage of the purchase price, which helps to defray the costs associated with maintaining this website. So thank you in advance for your patronage!

    January Reads

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