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Anytime another baby is born into our family, people tell us, “She looks just like the rest of your children.” Or we hear, “It’s easy to see he’s a Flanders.” We must admit, our kids definitely bear a strong family resemblance. But they’ve also been blessed with some wonderfully distinct personalities. So allow me to introduce the whole clan to you.

Doug Flanders
Jennifer Flanders
Jonathan Flanders
Bethany Flanders
David Flanders
Samuel Flanders
Benjamin Flanders
Joseph Flanders
Rebekah Flanders
Rachel Flanders
Isaac Flanders
Daniel Flanders
Gabriel Flanders
Abigail Flanders


  1. I found your site through Homeschool freebies and Hey…you have my name!

    That book of geneanology is interesting, my Grandfather is the last of my family in it…and he was 9.

  2. I am John Willis Flanders’ youngest daughter Kristi Caples. My grandfather was Glenn Flanders. I believe he was Ralph’s brother maybe. I would like to do some background genealogy — not just names but who my ancestors were and what kind of lives they lived. Thank you for your time.

    1. I don’t know much about Ralph or his siblings, Kristi, but am sending you contact information for my father-in-law, who might be able to answer some of your questions.

  3. My wife is Ralph Flanders great great niece. I am looking for more info on that generation particularly Donald who is my wife’s great grandfather. If you have any resources we would appreciate it.

    1. Sorry to be so long responding, Jacob. I don’t have a lot of information on that branch of our family tree. My husband’s grandfather’s name was Ralph Floyd Flanders and his grandmother was Geneive Mundell Flanders. I don’t know of any relations named Donald, although I do know that Ralph had other children from a prior marriage, and married yet again (Irma) after Geneive died. I believe the family was originally from New York. Let me know if any of that info lines up with your family line. 🙂

  4. Just found your blog by the chores chart. Wow! 12 🙂 and “only” 9 is pretty awesome too! congratulations!
    I dare to present you the (probably) biggest european family with kids in school ages. not 9, not 12… 18! Yep. big Jesus lovers too 😉
    not my family (I only have 3 and intend to stay that way), but I just love these guys. Each time I feel stressed, I just watch this video – they live in an appartment in Barcelona. Unfortunatelly 3 have deceased, but 15 are great and – boy – they are many!

    All the very best!

    1. That is terrific! I’m forwarding the video to my son, Samuel, who is fluent in Spanish. My Spanish is much more spotty, so I could only catch a few phrases here and there. But the love and happiness shared by this big, joyful family comes through loud and clear, and needs no translation!

    1. Nine, huh? That’s terrific! Nowhere but in homeschool circles would folks with that many children feel compelled to preface the count with an “only.” Ha Ha! God bless you, and thanks for writing!

    1. God has everything to do with it. We wouldn’t have a wonderful family if we left Him out of the equation. Apart from His grace and mercy, we’d likely have no family at all.

  5. Hi. My great grandmother, on my mothers mothers side, married name was Flanders. I am just getting into trying to follow the family roots and came across this site. She married Gerald Wa(y)ne Flanders in Vermont. They had two children Gerald Jr. and my grandmother Marion. So far this is as far as I have been able to find. Have you been able to trace anything? There is possible connection to Canada and coming to port in Newport, Vermont as well. Hope to hear from you. And your statement it true, there is a strong resemblance in your children. They are all beautiful! Thank you.

    1. Hi, Kelly. My husband’s dad, Paul Flanders, grew up in Albany, NY. His father’s name was Ralph Flanders. I suppose that makes them “neighbors” of your ancestors in Vermont. So maybe there is a connection….

  6. Hi! I have been reading your book and was checking out your website. I found it interesting that I have 5 girls and their names are Bethany, Rebekah, Abigail, Hosanna, and Hadassa. We have always thought of Rachel as a name so that is neat we have some of the same names. I am really enjoying your book and hope to share it soon.


  7. My Maiden name is Flanders as well. I know the Farthest I have gone back, My group of Flanders, started off as Flaunders from Whales. Francis Flaunders was the first of my “Flanders” in America. We live in Florida.

    Love your site. We home school our 4 children and we love it!!

    1. We don’t know much about the Flanders’ side of our genealogy, but we do sometimes get called Flaunders (or Flounders) by mistake.

      1. Hi, I saw your web site and thought maybe somehow we may be related……….who knows!! My maiden name was Flanders, our family lived in Kansas and my father was born there. We do have a family history book that goes back to 1748 if you would have any names from history of your family I can check against the names listed. I also have a family history from a gentleman I met while living in Germany (Army) who also was a Flanders, but found we were not related unless it was further back than his list went. Please let me know if you have any names and I will see if we are connected in any way. How fun!! Thank you for your website it’s very helpful and I know God is blessing you and your family.

        1. Hi, Linda. My husband’s grandfather’s name was Ralph Flanders. Ralph had three children, David, Joan, and Paul (my husband’s father). That’s as far back as we know. Not much to go on, is it?

          1. I will go through the books I have and see if anything comes up in either of them. This is fun! Who knows where this will go……….lol

  8. I received a free copy of your book “Love Your Husband Love Yourself” from and have just read it for the second time. I posted the following review on Amazon, and
    I made mention of the benefit of something similar for husbands, do you have any recommedations?
    I was very and impressed with the author’s candor in discussing her intimate relationship with her husband. It is very enlightening to understand the meaning of submission and unconditional love, as well as the obligations we have for one another. As a Christian, Jennifer Flanders fully explains the wonderful joy and bliss that God has designed for us in marriage. I found this book very insightful and would recommend this book for any women, either married or planning to get married. There are also numerous endnotes and additional reading recommendations. I also think men would greatly benefit from a version of this book as it relates to their role and responsibility in their marriage.

  9. Hi, I just typed in Flanders and came to your website. Flanders is my maiden name and I just decided to type the name. I just wanted to say that I like your site. You have beautiful children.

  10. Hi, I typed in Flanders family research and your site came up. My mother’s maiden name was Flanders (Henry father). I don’t know if we are related but it would be interesting to see…have you done any history search and if so maybe we can share some information. I believe his birth was 1886-or 87 in Emily Crow Wing, Minnesota.
    Hope to hear from you one way or the way beautiful family you have.

    1. Hi, Sharon. We’ve done very little research on the Flanders side of the family. My husband’s father grew up in Albany, NY. His grandfather’s name was Ralph Flanders. That’s as far back as we know, but we’ve received lots of comments lately from other Flanderses who are researching their roots. Write us back if you find there’s a connection!

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