It is a good thing David is such a patient and considerate person — at 6 foot 7 inches, he could be quite intimidating otherwise. He’s a 25-year-old husband and father who is currently stationed (with his family) in Germany, where he works as a dentist for the US Army.

David and his wife, Bonnie, both love being active in the great outdoors. They met in 2011 on a medical mission trip to Honduras, married in 2015, and started their family in 2017 with the sweetest, petite-est little baby girl the Flanders family has ever seen. In their free time, they enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, biking, and running in those crazy, obstacle-course races like the Rugged Maniac. David completed his first half-Ironman at 15 and been hooked on triathlon ever since.

The happy couple enjoys reading together in their spare time. They both love music and dancing (Bonnie studied ballet in college; David took violin lessons for a couple of semesters, but prefers playing the piano, where his large hands and long limbs are an asset rather than a liability), baking (Bonnie worked at a bakery before they wed; David used to bake a dozen loaves of bread at a time — and would devour two of them all by himself. while they were still warm), and — more recently — building incredible snow sculptures in the winter wonderland they now call home.

Here’s a video of David playing one of my favorite piano pieces. We shot it just before he moved to San Antonio for medical school:

David in 2008 with Gabriel
David with brother Gabriel (2008)
When David met Bonnie
David and Bonnie in Honduras (2011)
swearing in...
Dad swore David into the Army (February 2012)
Graduating from UT Tyler (May 2012)
At Efurd Farms on the way to Hot Springs
A family vacation (May 2012)
Leaving for Dental School
With sister Bethany — leaving home for dental school (June 2012)
Another mud run...
Another mud run… (September 2015)
They're engaged!
David proposes marriage (February 2015)
in San Antonio
David and Bonnie in San Antonio (photo by Mai Luk)
at the wedding!!
David and Bonnie on their wedding day (October 2015)

And, in case you missed the wedding, here’s an instant replay: 🙂

DadMomJonathanBethany – David – SamuelBenjamin

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