James Monroe Coloring Page

On this day, April 28, in 1758, the fifth president of the United States was born. So in honor of his birthday, I’m sharing this James Monroe Coloring Page on the blog today. It reads…

The Liberty, Prosperity, and the happiness of our country will always be the object of my most fervent prayers to the supreme author of all good.

James Monroe
James Monroe Quote Coloring Page

Well, guess what? Our country is in every bit as dire a need of prayer to the Almighty today as it was in Monroe’s day. Here are a few of the prayers I pray for America if you’d like to join me in lifting up our country before the Lord. Pray that God would pour out His Spirit upon us, convict us of sin, draw us to repentance, give us wisdom and understanding, allow the truth to prevail, and graciously enable us to be the change we want to see in the world.

More to Color

If you’d like more presidential quote coloring pages like this one, grab a copy of In Their Own Words, the newest digital collection in our online resource shop.

In Their Own Words

Or maybe you’d prefer a bound volume. If so, check out my devotional journals. The one in the center of the lineup below, God Bless America, was made just for patriotic citizens like you.

God Bless America Devotional Journal Lineup

Packed with inspiring thoughts from our founding fathers and other great Americans, this journal will inspire you to think deeply about what it means to be a citizen of this great country. What is our responsibility to the rest of the world? How do we ensure the guiding principles on which our nation was established are never forgotten?

Consider how you feel about these matters and use the space provided to write down your thoughts, respond to the writing prompts, complete the word studies, and color in the Americana artwork. All these elements have been carefully curated for folk who love the USA and long to see her restored to her original splendor.

James Monroe Coloring Page

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