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Be My Valentine Pennant Banner (Free Printable)

Be My Valentine Pennant Banner

Ready to deck the halls for Valentine’s Day? This free printable Be My Valentine Pennant Banner is just the ticket. I love the way it looks strung across the mantle in our dining room.

Free Printable Valentine Banner

Of course, you can tell by looking that my mantle is fairly wide. It’s also fake. Did you notice? I bought it for $25 at a garage sale decades ago and have been carting it from house to house to house ever since. Because it’s only a few inches deep, it makes a great focal point in a rooms that are too narrow to accommodate an extra piece of furniture. Like the wall beside the dining table in this photo.

Valentine Banner

Don’t have a mantle? No worries. This Be My Valentine pennant banner also looks great hanging from a bookcase or shelf or strung across a window or doorway.

If you do have a mantle, but it’s not as wide as mine, then print your banner at a smaller scale. Try 75%, or print two-sheets-per-page to decrease the finished size. If you use white card stock (like I did), the finished product will be more durable and less likely to curl. I’ve been using the same banner for several years now.

Valentine Banner

It makes a great backdrop for the Valentine Brunch I normally host for the ladies in my neighborhood. Last year, when my husband came home and saw the dining room all decked out and ready for our guests, he sucked in his breath. “It’s Valentine’s Day?” he asked sheepishly. “I guess I should’ve bought you some flowers or something.”

Valentine Banner

“You did!” I laughed, pointing to the fresh display in the center of the table. “Don’t they look beautiful? I arranged them myself.”

Valentine Banner

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Be My Valentine Pennant Banner

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