Animal Baby Name Games

Animal Baby Name Games

We drove to Houston last weekend to meet our newest granddaughter, Evelyn. She’s already almost six weeks old. Can you believe it? The idea for the following Animal Baby Name Games came from Evelyn’s mother. She played a similar game at a baby shower attended about the time Evelyn’s big brother was born.

Everyone knows a baby dog is a puppy, but what do we call a baby eel or camel or swan? Test your knowledge by matching the animal babies to their mothers in this Animal Baby Name Quiz:

Animal Baby Name Games

Or, if that version seems too easy, try this far more challenging fill-in-the-blank quiz:

Animal Baby Name Games

Answer Keys

Stumped on any of these? You’ll find the solutions on page 2 of the PDF (no fair peeking early!). If you’re printing multiple copies of the quiz to share with family or friends (and/or race to see who finishes first), be sure you specify page 1 when printing, or you’ll have multiple copies of the answer key.

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Baby Animal Name Games

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