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Giving Thanks during Hardship

Thanks in Hardship Printable

When we examine the history behind our National Day of Thanksgiving, we see a country that chose to give thanks, even in the midst of hardship.

The Pilgrims had lost over half their number in that first hard winter, and at one point even had to subsist on a daily ration of only five kernels of corn, yet they were eternally grateful to God for His watch care over them and for the opportunity to pursue a life of religious freedom in the New World.

When Abraham Lincoln first issued a Proclamation of Thanksgiving and Praise in the fall of 1863, the country was embroiled in a bloody Civil War — yet, even in the midst of that severe conflict, they set aside time to count their many blessings and to send up prayers of gratitude and praise to God as the source of those blessings.

These men and women of faith set a good example for us to follow. In the aftermath of hurricanes and wildfires and mass shootings and all the other tragedies that have fallen upon our nation this year, we must be faithful to pray for eyes to see what God is doing in our lives, for faith to believe He can bring beauty from ashes, and for hearts that will sing of His goodness and faithfulness, even in — or perhaps especially in — times of hardship.

Learning to give thanks in the midst of trials and hardships (free printable)
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This printable is one of many focused activities found in Count Your Blessings, my newest devotional journal. It is designed to help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude — not only in November, but every day of the year!

Thanks in Hardship Printable

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