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Constitution Day Coloring Page

Big Government Coloring Page

Although Constitution Day technically falls on September 17 (tomorrow), the US is officially observing it a day early this year.

I’m all for celebrating the US Constitution, so I thought I’d share a Constitution Day coloring page today. It was originally published in my devotional journal, God Bless America.

This free printable features a quote by Thomas Jefferson.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.”

This understanding led America’s founders to establish the kind of limited government we have. With lots of checks and balances. And a Constitution unlike any ever written.

Big Government Coloring Page

The thing I love most about The US Constitution? The fact it’s based on a firm belief in the sovereignty of God and a right understanding of the fallen nature of man.

The closer our country sticks to the original intent of the Constitution, the better off we’ll be. The further we stray from the principles upon which our system of government was established, the more swiftly our country will crumble.

Big Government Coloring Page

Of course, it’s hard to protect and preserve something you don’t know and understand. That’s one reason we send our kids to TeenPact.

TeenPact State Classes provide a wonderful, hands-on way for students to learn about government and the political process. Register for 2017 classes before the end of the month, and you can save $30 per student.

TeenPact State Classes provide a wonderful, hands-on way for students to learn about the political process

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Are you looking for something more durable than loose-leaf copies? You’ll find all these designs and more — 218 pages worth! — in God Bless America, a devotional journal for folks who love this country like I do.

God Bless America Devotional Journal Lineup

Packed with inspiring thoughts from our founding fathers and other great Americans, this journal will inspire you to think deeply about what it means to be a citizen of this great country. What is our responsibility to the rest of the world? How do we ensure the guiding principles on which our nation was established are never forgotten? Consider how you feel about these matters and use the space provided to write down your thoughts.

God Bless America

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