Obey Your Parents Coloring Page

Obey Your Parents Coloring Page

A couple of months back, I taught a short class on calligraphy techniques to some homeschooled friends. The students learned to experiment with different calligraphy supplies, including chisel-tipped markers, calligraphy pens with ink cartridges, and pens dipped in ink. We even wrote the old-fashioned way with quill feathers.

Of course, all these tools take time and practice to master. So toward the end of the class, I passed out black-line copies of an illumined verse (The Five Solas) I did several years ago. My students spent the remaining time coloring those in with colored pencils. As you can see below, the results were beautiful.

Five Solas Calligraphy Coloring Page

My students loved it. And my younger children asked to color copies, as well. Everybody enjoyed this little exercise so much, in fact, that I made copies of a new verse (Children, Obey Your Parents) for my kids a few days later. And they worked on coloring this one several evenings in a row during story time.

Obey Your Parents Coloring Page

Try It Yourself

If you’d like to print these calligraphy coloring pages for yourself or your children, you can download the Five Solas here. To print the Obey Your Parents coloring page, simply click on the image below.

Free Printables from www.flandersfamily.info

You can find lots more coloring pages by browsing our archives: Free Christian Coloring Pages. Or, if you prefer bound copies, check out my full line of coloring books

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Illumined copy of Ephesians 6:1

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