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Our family has been blessed with several wonderful piano teachers over the years, but the one who is currently teaching our children to play is in a class all her own.

Ms. Judy is a master at inspiring her students to practice, partly because she gives them a say in what music they learn, and partly because she doesn’t make them keep track of the minutes or hours they spend practicing.

Piano Practice Record | free printable from http://www.flandersfamily.info

Instead, she simply asks them to play through their music a specified number of times four days a week (three times on Monday or Tuesday, twice on Tuesday or Wednesday, three times on Wednesday or Thursday, twice on Thursday or Friday).

The curious thing is that by “requiring” less from her students, she ends up getting more out of them.

I cannot tell you how often my children sit down at the piano to play, even after all their boxes have been checked off. And during those extra practices? They are there for the pure pleasure of playing, not because the clock says they have twenty minutes left before their allotted hour is up.

Want to give Ms. Judy’s method a try? Click here for a free printable practice record to use with your own children.

I keep all my children’s practice notes in a three-ring binder, with a divider tab for each child taking lessons. The instructor can fill in which pieces need to be practiced, then the kids check them off as they complete each assigned run-through.

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  1. Rima says:

    I am so glad I found you
    Thank you for sharing, especially your christmas cards

  2. Kelsey Bohler says:

    I am a piano teacher (and also LOVE your blog), and I’m going to give this a try with my students! Thanks for sharing.

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