50 Things to Sell for Cash

50 Things to Sell or Give Away

Well, we’re knee-deep in the moving process. I’ve tossed all the things to be thrown away. Now I’m sorting through what’s left, trying to decide what to keep and what to sell in my garage sale on Saturday. So, in keeping with my other bucket lists, today I present 50 Things to Donate, Regift, or Sell for Cash.

These are the types of things buried in the backs of my cabinets or languishing unused in my garage: old books, kitchen gadgets, golf clubs, outgrown clothes, jigsaw puzzles, baby items. Things with lots of life left in them, to be sure. But things that don’t necessarily need to follow my family to our new abode.

50 Things to Sell or Give Away

If you’re downsizing, decluttering, or desiring some extra spending money, search your home for the items listed here and things like them. Sell what you can in a garage sale, then cart what’s left to a local donation center. You’ll love having the extra space, and your house will be easier to keep tidy without all that stuff you are no longer using taking up precious room.

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50 Things to Sell or Give Away

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