A Potpourri of Printables (and Other Goings On)

Here’s what’s going on at our house these days:

Jennifer FlandersJennifer has a radio interview with Sue Detweiler this Monday, February 10, at 8PM Central. Follow this link if you’d like to listen live. It’s an hour-long show, with the second half-hour set aside for fielding callers’ questions at (323)679-0977. I’d love to hear from some friendlies while we’re on the air, so get your questions ready and join us if you can!

Joseph FlandersJoseph’s permanent driver’s license arrived in the mail this week. Hooray! Now he can drive the middles to choir and creative writing on Wednesdays, while Mom stays home with the littles…. the youngest of which (Abby) has slept in her own bed all night for over three weeks now (and very rarely has Mom had to migrate to Abby’s bed to keep her there). Our little Sleeping-through-the-Night Chart worked like magic.

Rebekah FlandersRebekah received word yesterday that she’s been selected to serve as an Azalea Belle this year. That means she’ll get to dress up in an Antebellum ball gown and stand on the lawns of some of Tyler’s lovely historic homes during the three weeks the trails are in bloom this spring: March 21-April 6. Vacation tip: Spring is a great time of year to visit our beautiful city. And you’ll want to check out all the other Fun Stuff to Do in Tyler while you’re here.

Valentine's Day Romance and Respect Book Bundle Give AwayValentine’s Day is less than a week away. If you’ve not already entered the Romance and Respect Book Bundle Giveaway we are sponsoring over at Loving Life at Home, you’ll want to do that ASAP. There are only 325 entries (as of this writing), so mosey on over and put your name in the hat. You can sign up at Jennifer’s blog or by clicking the “Giveaway” tab on her Love Your Husband Facebook Page.

And here are our latest printables:

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children | a Free Printable from flandersfamily.info Would you believe our little Age-Appropriate Chore Chart got over 1.1 million views last month? The whole concept of assigning children chores is a little more controversial than we realized when we first posted this chart, but the majority of our readers really liked it, and a few even translated it into their native tongue, the most recent of which is Italian.

25 Ways to Love Your Wife Subway ArtDoug asked me to create a little subway art for his blog in honor of Valentine’s. It highlights all the suggestions in his still very popular post, “25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife” (which, incidentally, he is currently expanding into a book, which should hit shelves sometime this spring).

Respect - Subway ArtOf course, I had to do a matching piece for my own blog, taken from my 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband. Head over to my blog if you’d like to download and print this one. And we hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

We have three children with Type 1 Diabetes, and it’s always been a challenge to keep their blood-sugars tightly controlled. Doug suggested I make a big chart to post on our refrigerator to help in this endeavor. It’s large enough to see from across the room, so everybody in the family knows how those readings are trending and can make adjustments as needed. I hope none of you have to deal with this problem, but on the off-chance that some of our readers are among the 371 million people who suffer with diabetes worldwide, I thought I’d include this printable diabetes log, just in case it might benefit somebody else.
Diabetes Log | another free printable from http://www.flandersfamily.info

Last but not least, our kids will be memorizing Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in honor of President’s Day next week, so I worked up this little printable version for the occasion. Enjoy!
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address | another free printable from www.flandersfamily.info

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  1. Sarah says:

    I appreciate all you have to offer on your site and newsletters. Thanks, Sarah

  2. Elsie Bouwman says:

    Thank you for the lovely printables, Jennifer! Days ago I copied both of the Valentine ones; and today I loved printing out the Gettysburg Address!

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