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Free Printable Christmas IQ Quiz

I received a slightly longer version of the following Christmas IQ Quiz from a reader who’d seen several of my Christmas party games online and knew I’d appreciate it. Her sister, a retired school teacher from Missouri, had written the test, and I got her permission to edit and format it into a free printable to share with you.

However you spend Christmas — with family or friends or even in isolation — I hope you’ll take a few minutes to reflect on that very first Christmas and the wonderful reason we have to celebrate: Christ our Savior is born!

The test is multiple choice and reads as follows. You’ll find the answer key on page 2 of the PDF file above (just click the download button).

Christmas IQ Quiz

  1. Jesus’s birthday has always been celebrated on December 25th.  True or False            
  2. Joseph was from:  
    • A. Bethlehem  
    • B. Egypt    
    • C. Minnesota       
    • D. Nazareth
  3. Mary and Joseph were already married and living together when Mary became pregnant. True or False 
  4. When Joseph found out Mary was pregnant, what happened? 
    • A. he wanted to put Mary away quietly   
    • B. an angel visited him  
    • C. Mary left town
    • D. all of the above    
  5. Who told Joseph to go to Bethlehem? 
    • A. Mary’s mother   
    • B. the angel Gabriel    
    • C. Caesar Augustus   
    • D. Alexander the Great
  6. How did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?  
    • A. by camel      
    • B. by donkey   
    • C. by Volkswagen  
    • D.  the Bible doesn’t say 
  7. What was Joseph going to do in Bethlehem?
    • A. shop for Christmas  
    • B. pay taxes   
    • C. find a new wife      
    • D. the Bible doesn’t say
  8. What did the Inn Keeper tell Mary and Joseph?                 
    • A. there’s no room in the inn   
    • B. you can use my stable
    • C. come back after Christmas 
    • D. the Bible doesn’t say
  9. Jesus was born in a:  
    • A.  a stable          
    • B.  a barn               
    • C. a cave       
    • D. the Bible doesn’t say
  10. Mary was a virgin when she delivered Jesus. True or False            
  11. Which animals were present at Jesus’ birth?
    • A. cows, sheep, goats
    • B. camels, donkeys, dogs
    • C. roosters, doves, cats
    • D. the Bible doesn’t say      
  12. A manger is: 
    • A.  a wooden cradle      
    • B. a feeding trough        
    • C. a port-a-crib         
    • D. a wash basin                
  13. How many angels were sent to the shepherds? 
    • A.  one          
    • B. three       
    • C.  a multitude     
    • D. the Bible doesn’t say
  14. What sign did the angels tell the shepherds to look for? 
    • A. a Christmas tree  
    • B. a star         
    • C. a baby wrapped in cloths        
    • D.  a baby that doesn’t cry    
  15. What did the heavenly host say to the shepherds?
    • A. Go Tell It on the Mountain 
    • B. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
    • C. Glory to God in the Highest   
    • D. O Little Town of Bethlehem  
  16. What is a Heavenly Host?
    • A. angels at the pearly gate
    • B. an army of angels
    • C. an angel choir
    • D. angels who serve refreshments     
  17. There was snow that first Christmas:
    • A. in fields where they lay
    • B. nowhere in Israel
    • C. only in Bethlehem   
    • D. the Bible doesn’t say
  18. The Baby Jesus cried:
    • A. just like other babies
    • B. when doctor slapped his bottom 
    • C. no crying he made  
    • D. when little drummer boy pounded on the drum  
  19. The wise men stopped in Jerusalem: 
    • A. to buy baby gifts  
    • B. to get gas       
    • C. to look for baby Jesus
    • D. to pay homage to Herod 
  20. What is frankincense?      
    • A. a classic monster story
    • B. a precious perfume 
    • C. a malleable metal
    • D. money from France
  21. What is myrrh?
    • A.  a spice used at burial   
    • B.  a non-alcoholic drink
    • C.  a precious metal 
    • D. an expensive fabric
  22. How many wise men came to see Jesus?
    • A.  three    
    • B.  a host       
    • C.  5,000    
    • D.  the Bible doesn’t say
  23. To whom does the term wise men most likely refer? 
    • A.  university professors        
    • B. eastern kings        
    • C. early astronomers      
    • D. Medieval musicians            
  24. The wise men found Jesus in:    
    • A.  a house      
    • B. Holiday Inn  
    • C. a manger       
    • D. the temple
  25. Joseph took Jesus to Egypt …
    • A.  to learn wisdom of the Pharaoh   
    • C.  because God told him to do so in a dream
    • B.  to see pyramids along the Nile     
    • D.  to hide him in a basket by the river
  26. Where was the Christmas story first recorded?
    • A. Matthew & Luke     
    • B. Mark & John     
    • C. Google
    • D. Encyclopedia Britanica 

Special thanks to Mrs. Luayne Van Meter for so graciously allowing me to share this quiz with you, and to her proud sister, Monica Fleer, who sent it to me in the first place. I hope you both like the way the printable version turned out! I had to tweak a few questions/answers to get the quiz to fit on one page. ❤️

Christmas IQ Quiz
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  1. The correct answer for the Number 2 question of your What is Your Christmas IQ? should be D. Nazareth (not A. Bethlehem as you now have on your answer key)

    1. It really depends on how you read the question, Sue. According to Luke 2, at the time of Jesus’s birth, Joseph was living in Nazareth, yes. But by the decree of Caesar Augustus, he was required to travel to his city of origin to be taxed, and since he “was of the house and lineage of David,” he took Mary to Bethlehem, which implies Bethlehem is where Joseph was originally “from.”

      Still, I think the question is ambiguous enough that both answers should be considered acceptable. The schoolteacher who originally created this quiz wanted to get her students discussing the details surrounding the first Christmas, so that’s probably why she worded this question in the way she did. (And it worked, right?)

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