Earn FREE Books with My Reader Rewards

Earn Free Books with My Reader Rewards

This week, I updated my Summer Reading Rewards list for kids. I have some kids who absolutely love to read and others who need a little more persuasion. Thankfully, these reading rewards motivate the bookworms and the reluctant readers alike to crack open a book. And they keep them sufficiently motivated to establish a lifelong love of reading.

But what about moms who love to read? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could earn rewards for the time we spend with our nose in a book, too?

Now, thanks to Tyndale House’s My Reader Rewards Club, we can!

My Reader Rewards

I know I’ve mentioned participating in this Reading Rewards program several times in the past, but I thought maybe a dedicated post on how easy it is to earn FREE books and Bibles might help anybody who might still be sitting on the fence to go ahead and sign up TODAY!

How to Earn Free Books with My Reader Rewards Club

Earning points is fast and easy. It doesn’t take long to stockpile enough for a free book or Bible. The following tips will speed you on your way:

  1. Join the Club

    You’ll automatically get your first 25 points, just for signing up. (And if you use my affiliate link to do so, I’ll get 10 points, as well — so thanks!)

  2. Sign Up for the Newsletter

    You’ll get another 20 points when you sign up for one of Tyndale House’s newsletters or online devotions. Just click the “Subscribe” button on the “Earn Points” page on the My Reader Rewards Club website.

  3. Join the Birthday Club

    Simply provide your birthdate to sign up for this one (also on the “Earn Points” page). You’ll get 15 more points immediately, as well as a special surprise gift on your special day.

  4. Share a Link

    You’ll get 10 more points every time you share a direct link to My Reader Rewards Club on Facebook (up to 50 points per month). Just copy and past your link into the space provided on the “Earn Points” page.

  5. Invite a Friend

    Here’s a great to earn even more points! Whenever you are sharing on Facebook, be sure to use your unique “Invite a Friend” link (also located on the “Earn Points” page). That way, you’ll earn an additional 10 points for everybody who clicks through your link to sign up for the program!

  6. Do Another Activity

    Periodically, you’ll see other activities listed on the “Earn Points” page — listening to a podcast, taking a survey, completing a quiz, posting something on Pinterest, etc. Each such activity is usually available for a limited time, but makes for quick, fun, easy ways to rack up more points.

  7. Shop for Books

    You’ll also earn 1 point for every dollar spent at Tyndale.com or Navpress.com.

  8. Write a Review

    Earn 10 points (up to 50 per 30-day period) every time you post a review of a Tyndale product on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, or any other online retailer. Just copy and paste the link to the space provided on the “Earn Points” page. I try to review one of their books every month (usually one I got for free). I write one or two paragraphs, then copy and paste the same review at five different retail sites. It’s quick and easy, and helps me earn more free books that much faster.

With titles available for as few as 40 points, it is entirely possible to earn free books with My Reader Rewards after completing just two or three of the above activities.

The products available for redemption change frequently, so if you don’t see anything that interests you now, check back again later. I’ve been a member for nearly 5 years. Here’s a sampling of free books I’ve earned in that time, broken down into various genres:

Marriage Books

Marriage Books

Parenting Books

Parenting Books

Other Non-Fiction Titles

My Reader Rewards - Non-Fiction

Fiction Titles

iction Books

Children’s Books

My Reader Rewards - Children's Books

Audio Books & DVDs

Audio Books

Gift Books

My Reader Rewards - Gift Books

My Reader Rewards - Gift Books

My Reader Rewards - Gift Books

So… what are you waiting for? Sign up for My Reader Rewards today!

Sign Up for My Reader Rewards Club

Earn Free Books with My Reader Rewards

Earn Free Books with My Reader Rewards

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