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Finding Faithful Friends Coloring Page

Finding Faithful Friends Coloring Page

When I was little and in need of a friend, I remember my mother leading me from house to house all around our neighborhood looking for a girl my age who would play with me.

As an adult, I’ve noticed that my Father is the One who has found me my closest and most precious friends. Not only has He given me a lifelong friend in my husband, but He has also brought into my life several wonderful, godly women who are truly kindred spirits.

Some of these sweet friends I see quite often. At church. Piano recitals. Basketball games. Or homeschool events.

Some of my friends I get to see only once in a blue moon. When celebrating the wedding of one of their children or ours. Or maybe meeting up for a family campout. Or perhaps just exchanging photos and family news at Christmas time.

Friendship is Sweet!

But I am so grateful for each one of them and for all the wonderful memories we share. Their wise counsel and faithful friendship and words of encouragement have blessed me richly, no matter how (in)frequently I get to enjoy their company.

Happy “National Women’s Friendship Day”

Since today is National Women’s Friendship Day, it seems the perfect time for sharing a coloring page celebrating good friends:

Free Scripture-based coloring pages from www.flandersfamily.info -- in English or Spanish!

If you’ve been blessed to have a kindred-spirit sort of friend, today would be a great day to tell her so! If not, pray that your heavenly Father will bring such a friend into your life. And that He will help you recognize her when you see her!

Incidentally, this week’s verse is also available in Spanish:

Free Scripture-based coloring pages from www.flandersfamily.info -- in English or Spanish!

More to Color

If you like to color, then come back again next week. I post a new coloring page every Sunday. Or you can follow this link to download any of the designs I’ve posted in the past: Free Christian Coloring Pages.

Prefer a bound collection? Then check out my Color the Word series. I designed these richly-detailed, Scripture-based coloring books. with grown-ups in mind. But they can be enjoyed by all ages. They’re even available in Spanish!

Color the Word Coloring Books by Jennifer Flanders

For those who enjoy journaling as well as coloring, my devotional journals offer the best of both worlds.

Devotional Journals x 12 Lineup

Ideas for using these coloring pages:

  • If your younger children have a hard time sitting still through church, let them color these Scriptures during the Sunday sermon (older kids might rather take notes with this printable)
  • My children and I enjoy coloring these sheets together while my husband reads aloud to us in the evening. (For a special treat, I let them use my Prismacolor pencils.)
  • I give them to my children during school time so they can color at the table while I work with their older siblings, and vice versa. (Since each of them has their own devotional journal, I’ll sometimes just assign pages out of that for them to fill in or color — that way, they get some handwriting practice, too!)
  • I do one of several things with the pages once they’ve finished coloring them (and none of them wind up on our refrigerator): Sometimes we send them in letters to penpals. I might glue one into a child’s scrapbook or tack it on his bulletin board. Our littlest guys have even been known to frame them as a creative arts entry for the State Fair — there’s nothing like winning a ribbon and cash premium to motivate them to do their best job coloring future pages!

Finding Faithful Friends Coloring Page

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  1. Hello Jennifer. Your posts have always been a continual source of blessing to me in so many ways. I am truly blessed to connect even if it is virtual- to a Godly Christian woman like you. I am learning so much from you. Many blessings, Shikainah, London, UK

    1. Thanks so much, Shikainah. I’m happy to know I’ve been an encouragement to you. Your comments remind me of a third category of sweet “friends” God has sent my way: People I’ve never even met, including like-minded believers I’ve gotten to know online and authors of books I’ve read who may or may not even still be alive. 🙂

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