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Candy Cane Gospel Poem for Christmas

Candy Cane Gospel Tags - FB

Our family goes Christmas caroling every year, and we often carry along candy canes to hand out to the neighbors and friends for whom we sing. So when I spotted this “Candy Cane Gospel Poem,” I knew it would make a perfect addition to our little holiday tradition.

We originally tied these full color tags on our treats:

Printable Candy Cane Poems for Christmas Gift Giving
[click on image to print]

I designed the printable in two different sizes and shared them here on our web site, in case others might like to use them, as well.

Printable Candy Cane Poems for Christmas Gift Giving
[click on image to print]

But color ink can be expensive (unless you order it dirt cheap, like I do) and sometimes takes longer to print. So I recently created a black and white version. Don’t they look crisp, clean, and easy to read? And, if you want more color, just print on green or red copy paper.

Candy Cane Gospel - Small Tags

I made these black and white tags in both small and large sizes, as well. To download and print any of these resources, simply click on the picture or the link below.

Candy Cane Gospel - Large Tags

I’m sorry to say I don’t know who wrote this poem originally. If you do, please let me know in the comment section below, so that I can credit the author properly.

Candy Cane Gospel - Free Printable Tags

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    1. Thanks for your kind words, Judy. We serve an amazing God, don’t we? It makes me happy to think of you sharing my printables with the seniors in your charge. Keep up the good work!

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