Mailbag: More Recipes?

Monday Mailbag Q&A

Dear Jennifer,

Love your blog! But we need more recipes from you!!!! We make your cinnamon rolls all the time and love them!!!! Thanks for sharing! We are always looking for large family size recipes!

Mama H

bread rolls

Dear Mama,

You can thank my daughters Rachel and Rebekah for any recipes recently posted on the blog, as they’ve done all the photography and most of the cooking.

Rebekah and I write a monthly recipe column for a local magazine, and I’ve just been repurposing that content here. Which is to say, we do plan to publish more of them.

In the meantime, you can find a very old listing of our family’s favorite recipes on this page. Sorry there are no photographs of these dishes. I’ll do my best to add some in the near future.

You may notice I’ve also added a new Recipe Section to my menu bar, complete with drop down categories. The contents of those categories are admittedly sparse right now, but the structure is in place, which will make the recipes much easier to find once I do get them posted.

Look for the first such post tomorrow — I’ll share a great recipe for potato salad, just perfect for feeding a crowd! My husband tells me it’s the best he’s ever tasted.

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