Printable Weekly Planners for Home or School

I recently gave my children’s weekly school assignment charts a facelift. They love the new look, and I love the simplicity of it. I just fill in each day’s assignments (lesson, page, or chapter numbers) in ink at the beginning of the week, and they mark it off as it is completed.

If they work ahead and finish everything early, they get Friday off. The thought of having extra free time to spend building with their Legos or working on art or sewing projects motivates them to be more diligent and time efficient.

I included a “leftover from last week” line at the top, so that I can go ahead and post the following week’s schedule on Friday afternoon, even if they still have a couple of assignments to finish up from the current week.
free printable weekly planner for school assignments (great for homeschoolers!) |

These have worked so well for the kids that I decided to do a similar chart for my own weekly goals. The larger squares let me break larger weekly goals down into daily, bite-sized tasks. If I want to finish reading a particular book this week, I count the chapters and assign them accordingly. If I want to log a certain number of miles on my bicycle, I split the distance between the days I normally ride to make sure it happens.

These charts take into account the fact that not every day looks exactly alike. We have piano lessons on Monday, so we normally skip doing Spanish that day. We have co-op classes for creative writing and choir that keep us out until dinnertime on Wednesdays, so that affects what sort of supper I prepare midweek.

free printable planning chart that will help break weekly goals down into daily, bite-sized tasks |

Either chart is available with the subjects/categories already listed or without, so you can use as is or specify your own. Just click on the desired file to download:

My Weekly School Assignments (with subjects)
My Weekly School Assignments (without subjects)
My Goals for the Week (with categories)
My Goals for the Week (without categories)

You can find more of our free printables here and here. If you know anybody else who might benefit from any of these, please let them know where to find us by sharing these pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Thanks so much!

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3 Responses to Printable Weekly Planners for Home or School

  1. KB says:

    I love this printable, but I’m wondering where you fit Bible in?

    • Jennifer Flanders says:

      I include Bible with memory work and reading. In addition to reading Proverbs aloud over breakfast and having family devotions in the evening after dinner, we encourage our older ones to establish a habit of personal Scripture study, but that’s not specifically assigned or graded.

  2. Jane says:

    These are so nice. Thank you for sharing.

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