Free Printable Thank You Notes for Christmas Gifts

One of the tasks on my to-do list this week is sending notes of appreciation for all the Christmas gifts I received last week. But since I was fresh out of suitable stationery, I first decided to create a few free printable Christmas-themed thank you notes and share them with you (in case you haven’t sent yours yet, either 😉 )

I got a little carried away and made a total of 22 cards in several different styles to choose from (scroll to the very bottom of this post to view and download them all).

First, I made two classic looking notes with a Christmas wreath on each. They’re simple but elegant, don’t you think?

Christmas Thank You Notes

Next, I have a couple of very minimalist Christmas ornaments in your choice of red or green. Very straightforward. No fuss or frills.

After that, I made a few wintery-looking cards with cheeky squirrels, snowy mittens, and bright red birds.

Then the next two are bright and cheery. It makes me happy just looking at that cozy arm chair and twinkling Christmas tree overflowing with gifts.

Christmas Thank You Notes

Of course, if you’ve been around here for long, you know I love vintage artwork, and these little boys carrying armloads of parcels seemed just the thing for some old-fashioned thank you notes.

I make several more designs with Victorian-era clip art, as well. Here’s just a small sample.

Christmas Thank You Notes

For printing purposes, I recommend using white or cream colored card stock. You will have a much nicer, sturdier card by doing so.

Cutting Board

You’ll then need to cut the pages in half using a paper trimmer or a pair of scissors to separate the cards, then fold each card in hal along the pale blue line. I left the inside blank, so you can add your won

Christmas Thank You Notes

These thank you notes take size A2 envelopes, which you can purchase at craft or office supply stores. Or you can use the template below to craft included instructions for crafting a homemade envelope to fit your card.

Envelope Template
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