Cooking Measures Equivalency Chart

Equivalent Measures Chart

Today’s printables all deal with cooking, food, and meal planning. Keep reading for a cooking measures equivalency chart, healthful snack ideas, and a pretty new menu planning template.

Only three days into the new year, our family’s already noting positive change in regard to eating habits. Not only does eating more meals at home save money, but it usually leads to better nutritional choices, as well.

My husband told me this morning that he woke up with no joint pain for the first time since his last vegan experiment over a year ago. What we eat strongly impacts how we feel!

In case any of your New Year’s resolutions deal with diet, as ours do, I thought I’d share a few resources today you might find beneficial.

Cooking Measures Equivalency Chart

First, if you’re doing more cooking at home, you may find this Equivalent Measures Chart useful. It’s especially handy if you have kids helping you in the kitchen. Or if you need to double or halve a recipe to accommodate the number of folks gathered around your table.

Cooking Measures - free printable equivalency chart
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Just post the chart inside a cabinet door and refer to it as needed.

50 Wholesome Snack Ideas

Ditto for this list of Quick & Easy Vegan Snacks.

Quick, easy, HEALTHFUL snacks for kids and grown-ups alike | from www.flandersfamily.info
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I love the fact that so many whole foods can be enjoyed without having to hassle with a lot of prep steps. You can rinse and enjoy many of them raw. But we’ve also discovered just how delicious and filling whole vegan meals can be. We’ve particularly enjoyed the recipes we’ve prepared from the following plant-based cookbooks.

In an effort to get better about meal-planning, I designed a pretty new vintage printable to record menu ideas. Do your kids — like mine — constantly ask “what’s for dinner?” Curb their curiosity by posting your weekly meal plan on the fridge. Or put it in some other high-traffic spot where the family will be sure to see it.

Free printable meal plan chart -- pretty!

That’s it for today. Whether you download any of my kitchen pritables or not, I hope the new year will be healthy, wholesome, and fully satisfying for your entire family!

Equivalent Measures Chart

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