A Happy Engagement Announcement

I took a longer break from blogging than intended this week. But we had a lot going on, including unpacking from our recent road trip, starting back to school, and hearing another son surprise us (but not really) with a happy engagement announcement.

We returned from vacation to find that our refrigerator had stopped working sometime during the two weeks we were away. Fortunately for us, our son Benjamin had flown home a week early to study for his upcoming MCAT and discovered the stinky mess in time to clear out the frig before we got back.

The Lovebirds

He and his girlfriend spent close to three hours tossing out spoiled food, scrubbing every shelf, tray, and drawer, and doing their best to deodorize the house, which was smelling pretty rank when they tackled the job.

I imagine they must have bonded during that traumatic experience, because just a few days later, Ben popped the question, and Mikayla said YES!

And mom couldn’t resist turning to Jib Jab for help in making Ben and Mik’s engagement announcement official:

We are super-excited to have Mikayla joining our family — and not just because she’s so adept at doing kitchen chores. That part is just icing on the cake. 🙂

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  1. How lovely Jennifer ! I feel I know you and your family through your amazing posts. They are truly timely, practical and a source of Godly encouragement to other Christian women like me. Being the mother of 2 daughters, I always am so heartened when I see women like you raising up Godly young men to become good husbands and fathers ! Many blessings on the newly engaged couple as well as on you and yours ! Shikainah, London, UK

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