6 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Boston

Family Fun in Boston

During a recent road trip to the Northeast, my husband learned that one of his favorite bands, BOSTON, would soon be playing in Boston. Talk about a fun thing to do with kids in Boston! So we shuffled our travel itinerary so we could be in town for the big event.

If you look closely, you can see an ad for Boston’s 40-year Reunion Concert on the marquee in the background of this photo:

kids in front of movie marquee

Attending the concert meant an extra day in Boston, which naturally resulted in more sightseeing. Here’s what we packed into our two days in Beantown:

6 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Boston

  1. USS Constitution and Museum

    USS Constitution and Museum

    No visit to Boston is complete without a tour of Old Ironsides. The ship is currently in dry dock being refurbished, but visitors can still go aboard.

    Be sure to check out the USS Constitution Museum while you are there. Not only is it one of the most fun things to do with kids in Boston, but it is also one of the most frugal. Admission is free (suggested donation: $5 per individual/ $20 per family) It is full of wonderfully interactive exhibits children love. What a great way to learn history!

  2. Bunker Hill Monument


    Ready for a little exercise? The Bunker Hill Monument is within easy walking distance from the USS Constitution. For a more strenuous workout, you can climb the 294 steps it takes to reach the top.

  3. Paul Revere’s House

    Paul Revere Home

    Did you know Paul Revere had 16 children? That was one of many interesting things we learned about the midnight rider when we visited his home in Boston. Doubtless he knew all sorts of fun things to do with kids in Boston back in the day.

    Many of Revere’s original furnishings and pieces of silver he smithed himself still remain in this house which dates back to 1680.

  4. Metropolitan Waterworks Museum

    Metropolitan Waterworks Museum

    To gain a better understanding of where running water comes from, visit Boston’s Waterworks Museum. Admission is free (but donations are appreciated).

    It’s a great place for budding engineers — especially if you visit on one of their regularly scheduled family days, like we did. They bring in extra hands-on activities and additional volunteers to answer questions on those days.

  5. Children’s Museum

    Children's Museum

    The Children’s Museum of Boston has three full floors of fun activities and interactive exhibits that appeal to children of all ages. Our older teens enjoyed our visit as much as our little guys.

    Admission to this museum is normally $16 a person, but if you visit after 5pm on Fridays (like we did), you can get in for $1 each. (Our membership to a science museum back home also grants reciprocal benefits to this one, but they only let four of us in for free.)

    The Children’s Musuem is just down the street from the Boston Tea Party Museum, but that one was closed by the time we got there, so we had to content ourselves with just taking a few pictures out in front of it.

    Abigail's Tea Room

    Our little Abby would have loved a spot of tea in the adjoining Abigail’s Tea Room, but that was closed, too. 🙁 We’ll add it to our list of fun things to try with kids on our next trip to Boston.

  6. Classic Harbor Line Cruise

    Classic Harbor Line Cruise

    Just around the corner from the Tea Party Museum you’ll find Rowe’s Wharf, home to Classic Harbor Line

  7. . We booked passage aboard the Northern Lights for an inner harbor day cruise.

Our Family’s Experience aboard the Northern Lights

The anticipation with which my husband looked forward to that BOSTON concert? That was the same way I felt about the inner harbor cruise we’d planned to take on our last day in Boston.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

Unfortunately, the wind picked up and it started raining just before time for us to board, so our original cruise time was postponed for a couple of hours.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

We appreciate the captain’s putting safety first in this way. Before we knew it, the storm had blown over, and he was welcoming us aboard.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

Captain Mark and his crew, Mike and Amber, took excellent care of us during our time together.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

And made sure our onboard experience was delightful in every way. (It was!)

Finding Family Fun in Boston

Amber kept our kids well-stocked with Arnold Palmers (that’s half tea, half lemonade, for those of you who have never tried one).

Finding Family Fun in Boston

And Mike gave us a detailed history of all the landmarks we passed along the way.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

For instance, he not only told us the Boston courthouse (pictured below) was the most-expensive courthouse in America, but he also detailed several of the most famous cases that were tried there.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

Thanks to the delay in departure times, our day cruise turned into a sunset cruise.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

But that just made it all the more memorable.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

The fact that we stayed in the inside harbor (rather than going to the choppy Atlantic side) meant we had smooth sailing all the way. Translation: Mom never felt the least bit seasick.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

We sailed all the way up to where the USS Constitution is docked and got there in time to hear (and see!) its cannon fired to signal sunset.

Finding Family Fun in Boston

Then it was back to home port, admiring the city’s night lights all the way.

When our original sailing time was postponed, I considered skipping the cruise altogether, since we still had a couple of hours’ driving to do to get to Maine, where we’d spend the night.

I am so glad we stayed and sailed. The harbor cruise was definitely a fun thing to do with kids in Boston, and one we’d highly recommend.

By the time we disembarked, rush hour traffic had completely cleared, so the drive to Maine was quick and easy. But more importantly, our entire family agrees that our time aboard the Northern Lights ended up being the highlight of our trip to Boston, and one we’d highly recommend to other families!

More Travel Ideas for Families

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