A Hero in the Making

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d share a poem I wrote for my husband many years ago when our children were younger. Enjoy!

Father's Day poem: A Hero in the Making

A Hero in the Making

(by Jennifer Flanders)

Our little one is watching–
Can’t you see it in his eyes?
How he brightens at the sight of you
With happy, wild surprise?
Yes, our little one is watching,
He sees everything you do,
And he’s mimicking your actions
Trying hard to be like you.

Our little one is listening–
He hears every word you say,
Perks up whene’er he hears your voice,
No matter time of day.
Yes, our little one is listening.
And your words, they sink in deep.
They encourage, they inspire him,
And they echo in his sleep.

Our little one is following,
And he shadows every move,
Watching close for your reaction–
How he hopes that you’ll approve!
Yes, our little one is following–
And I thank the Lord above
For your wise and good example,
Your devotion and your love.

Our little one’s believing–
You’re a hero in his eyes,
And he knows that he can trust you
Like he knows the sun will rise.
Yes, our little one’s believing–
God protect his tender heart,
For he’ll view his Heav’nly Father
As he’s seen you from the start.

Happy Father's Day from the Flanders Family Website

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