Father’s Day Coupon Book (Free Printable)

Free Printable Coupon Book for Father's Day

Looking for a last-minute gift idea for Dad? Print out a copy of our Father’s Day Coupon Book and let your kids assemble it before Sunday.

Abigail with gift for Dad

My Abby was so excited about this project. She watched intently as I designed the printable, offering suggestions, then helped put the book together the following morning.

The coupons will print in black and white, so use colored paper if you want a them to look like the sample below. They If you use regular printer paper, you’ll be able to staple your book together.

Free printable gift for dad

But if you print on thicker cards stock, like we did, you’ll need to punch holes in the coupons and tie your book together with twine or yarn.

Coupons for Dad

We used a paper cutter to keep our edges (relatively) straight, but scissors will work, as well. Cut along the straight solid lines. The topper on the first page serves as a book cover when folded.

Free Printable Coupon Book for Father's Day

The first full page of coupons is made with younger kids in mind. Bear hugs. Back rubs. A promise to keep Dad company while he’s running errands (Abby was especially excited about that prospect!).

Another page has coupons that may be more appropriate for older kids to give dad. One hour spent doing household chores. A free car wash. Dad’s favorite home cooked meal. Two hours of help with yard work.

Free Printable Coupon Book for Father's Day

The last page has a bunch of blank coupons, so you can design your own rewards for Dad. Click on the image below to download all four pages.

Free printable

Want more great gift ideas for Dad? Then follow this link: 7 Last-minute gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Coupons for Dad

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