Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain

Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain Craft

My daughter Abby is taking creative writing course at our homeschool co-op this year, and the class assignment during winter break was writing a blog post. So rather than letting her hard work go to waste, I thought I’d publish her competed project here. As you’ll see below, she’ wrote a step-by-step tutorial for making a little macramé rainbow keychain.

Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain Craft

How to Make a Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain

Do you enjoy making crafts as much as I do? Here’s one I’ve enjoyed. It’s a macramé keychain in the shape of a rainbow. I learned how to make these from a friend of mine named Mrs. Joseph.

This cute keychain makes a great gift, or you can do what I’ve done and sell them. They’re fun and easy to make. I bring the supplies with me when we travel and work on them during long road trips. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make one of your own.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Instructions for making keychain:

Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain Craft


Measure three lengths of cord by zig-zagging the cord into a curved rainbow shape approximately the size you desire.

Next cut and tape the ends so they won’t unravel.

Note that the part of the cord you tape will form the flared tassel ends of your finished rainbow keychain.

Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain Craft


First, tie one end of your colored yarn right next to the tape at one end of the longest cord, and then start wrapping. Cover up the short, loose end of the yarn as you go.

Once you reach the middle of that length of cord, slip the lanyard through the hole of one wooden bead, then thread it onto the cord so that it is centered. Continue wrapping with yarn until you reach the other end, then tie it off above the tape.

Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain Craft


Repeat step 2 for the shorter lengths of cord, minus the beaded lanyard.

Use hot glue gun to slowly squeeze a thin line of glue along the edge of the yarn-wrapped cord and attach it to a second cord, tucking the loose yarn end between the two colors.

Repeat with the next tier of the rainbow.

Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain Craft


Carefully take the tape off the ends of the wrapped and glued cotton cords.

Next, unravel the twisted ends, and then use your fine tooth comb to gently smooth out the tasseled ends of the rainbow.

Cute Macramé Rainbow Keychain Craft


Once you finish combing both ends, use a pair of scissors to cut the tasseled ends to the desired length, clipping away any uneven edges.

Last of all, enjoy your cute new macramé rainbow keychain!

Keep On Crafting

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