5 Things to Make Fall Better

5 Things to Make Fall Better

It may not feel or look like it in the great state of Texas, but autumn has officially arrived. So let’s talk about just a few — maybe 5 — things to help make fall better.

No… I can’t tell you what they are. Your things won’t necessarily match my things. But it is definitely a discussion you should have with your family.

I’ve published all sorts of bucket lists in the past full of suggestions for making every month more memorable than the last. But between my daughter’s busy volleyball schedule and all the volunteer work we do with the East Texas State Fair and the CCC Sale this time of year, the months of September and October are super busy for our family.

So rather than adding a lengthy list of seasonal activities to our already overpacked schedule, I asked my kids to fill out this little form for me this year instead:

5 Things to Make This Autumn Better

That way, I can make sure whatever extra things we do this season are the things that are most important to them.

Their lists included longstanding family traditions:

  • camping in tents for a week as a family
  • roasting marshmallows over an open fire
  • attending the state fair
  • raking a maze into the fallen leaves and playing tag within the paths
  • baking homemade pumpkin pies

But they also made some great suggestions for new things to try, such as:

  • staging a giant round of zombie tag with all our friends at a local park, with a prize for last man standing
  • hosting some olympic-style competitive games involving, among other things, chunking pumpkins and splitting wood, with prizes for the winners
  • challenging family members, both at home and away, to a pumpkin carving contest, with a prize awarded for the best entry

Like I said before, your list may look nothing like our lists (which are admittedly heavy on competitive undertakings (with prizes!) — the result of having so many boys?).

The nice thing for me is that my kids are old enough now to plan and execute these more elaborate activities themselves. They just need parental approval and participation (including providing necessary supplies), plus time set aside on the family calendar for making it happen.

So quiz your kids about what things would make this autumn better for them. You may be surprised by their answers — and find a whole new family tradition along the way!

More Fall Fun

Want another way to make this autumn better? Then pick up a copy of my new devotional journal, Count Your Blessings. It’s packed with promises, prayers, and writing prompts and will help hone that attitude of gratitude, not only in the fall, but all year long.

Count Your Blessing

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5 Things to Make Fall Better

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