State Capital Matching Game

State Capital Matching Game

We’ve been vacationing in Florida this week, and every time my kids see a license plate from a different state, they point it out. We keep a printable map in the car to help them keep track of the states already spotted. We love using road trips to re-enforce geography lessons, and today’s State Capitals Matching Game is another great way to do that.

I hope you’ll give it a try, whether you’re on the road or in a classroom! Just click on the image below and print as many copies as you need. When you’re ready to check your answers, you can cdownload the key here.

State Capital Matching Game

More Geography Practice

A couple of my adult sons won some local geography bees when they were younger and still have a special fondness for geography. At the time, they trained for competition online at the only website we new about that provided free geography drills. The one they used then is still around, but they’ve found an even more robust geography site since then. Check them both out by following the links below:

  • Seterra Geography Games

    This site is extensive. It boasts over 400 free map games in more than 40 languages. You can play online or download their app or even print out maps, quizzes, and reviews to do offline.

  • Sheppard Software

    This is the site that served my older kids so well through their homeschooling years. In addition to geography games, they also offer math drills, language arts, pre-school basics, foreign language games, and much, much more — all free.

Favorite Geography Curriculum

Other geography resources that have stood the test of time include the following:

  • US States and Capitals Songs
    Eight very catchy songs that teach all the States and Capitals of the US in such a way (northern border, southern border, eastern border, and central states) that kids who learn the state names can easily identify them on a unlabeled map, as well. We pack this tape in the car for listening/ reviewing US geography on long road trips.
  • Sing Around the World
    This volume of geography songs covers continents and oceans, plus all the countries of each geographical region. The tunes are fun and make learning easy.
  • Maps, Charts and Graphs
    These workbooks teach map reading skills in a way my kids really enjoy. We’ve only used selected volumes, but I have a couple of boys who’ll likely finish the entire set before it’s all said and done.

More Travel Ideas for Families

If your family loves to go as much as mine does, check out my book Pack Up & Leave. It’s chockful of smart tips that will make your next family road trip or vacation more economical, educational, and memorable.

Pack Up & Leave: Travel Tips for Fun Family Vacations

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State Capital Matching Game

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