Back-to-School Conversation Starters

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The kids and I took a break from some of our homeschool coursework but have kept the basics going all summer long. But that break is winding down. Our homeschool co-op resumes meeting in just two weeks, so we are gearing up and getting ready for that. Among our other end-of-summer traditions, I’m adding these back-to-school conversation starters to the line-up this month.

Our kids love hearing about what school was like when their dad and I were younger. And they love telling stories about their own classroom experiences at co-op. So I included lots of school-related questions:

  • Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?
  • What sports did you play (or wish you played) in school?
  • Were you ever sent to the principal’s office? Why?
  • What subject did you have the hardest time wrapping your mind around?
  • What school subject(s) come easiest to you?
  • Do you complete assignments right away or procrastinate until the last minute?

This new set of dinnertime discussion prompts is sure to get our family talking. Maybe it will work for yours, too?

Back-to-School Conversation Starters:

To find out, just click on any of the images below, print, cut questions apart, and place in a jar on the dinner table (or in the car or next to the bed… wherever you plan to use them.

Back to School Conversation Starters

Back to School Conversation Starters

Back to School Conversation Starters

We hope your family will thoroughly enjoy the lively discussions these questions stimulate!

More good questions

Want to keep the conversation going? Check out the other discussion prompt posts in this series. Or get a copy of my new book, Table Talk, to keep your family communicating all year long.

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